Keeping Warm for the Curvy Woman

Since the cold and snow is all around us, I wanted to update my winter look.  I need a new warm jacket.  Where I live, I do not need a warm jacket for more than 2 months a year.  I have a pea coat, but it is not for every day fashion.  Of course I need of it to be budget friendly.  

I am in love with this adorable ivory faux fur jacket!  It would be amazing with jeans or for going out!  The price is great too!

plus size faux fur bomber jacket

For a great faux leather jacket, I really like this one from Maurice’s!  The details on it are just what I like!  I may wear this one every day over the winter.

plus size faux leather jacket

And of course I have to include a puffer jacket.  Puffer jackets are great for everyday fashion!  They also keep you warm!  Puffer jackets come in all different colors and sizes.  I like this jacket because of the color.

Red Puffer Jacket

Which one of these three is your favorite?  I know which one is my favorite.

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