Anchor Scarf

If you live here in the south, you have scarves. Scarves are a staple of the south fashion. Monogrammed scarves are popular. My favorite scarves is my anchor scarves. I love the beach and nautical fashion. Infinity scarves are great because I just wrap them around and go. I have two anchor scarves.

This one is my classic balck and white. It goes great with red.

My second one is my casual teal anchor. I love this scarf on a spring day with jeans or my jean coat.

Here are some I found that are budget friendly.  Al of the following scarves are under $10!

Classic black and white anchors. What more could you ask for? With this price ($5.95) from Everyday Scarves, you have a look for everyday. black and white anchor

This anchor infinity scarf from Hobby Lobby is wearable art and a stealbat $6.99. infinity anchor scarf.

This teal infinity scarf from Peach Couture is too cute for words. Great for the spring time and a steal at this price ($9.95) teal anchor infinity

Let me know which one you like the most.

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