Jean Jackets for the Curvy Woman

I can’t live without my jean jacket. I have had mine for so long. It is time for me to get a new one. I need a more modern look. Jean jackets come in all shapes and colors. There are long ones and short ones. I do not like shorter jackets, but I want one that doesn’t look to large on me too. Personally I want my jean jacket to hit me at my waist. It helps to break up my roundness. I really like this jean jacket in black. I want a new one in color maybe? black jean jacket If you want the distressed jean jacket, then this jacket is the one for you! It has great shape and great colors. Disstressed Jacket. The hottest distressed with a frayed edge is this jacket. The shape is just what I like. It hits right at the waist and flatters curvey girls. It keeps the eye moving all over the jacket and not just one place. frayed jacket What is your favorite plus size jean jacket?

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