Foot Detox Pads

I thought I would try the foot detox pads. For my first night, I only did one foot. I was curious as if I would notice a difference in one side or the other. I purchased these pads online (shocker I know). Detox Foot Pad. Detox pads work by pulling the toxins from your body from your feet. In the morning you just pull off and discard the pad.

So, last night I put the pad on, and off to sleep I went. In the middle of the night I had to take it off. My foot felt so slimy.

Here is what my pad looked like:

So gross. The picture does not do it justice. The shiny black is just slime. I had to wash my foot. The bottom of my foot had some if the black slime on it.

Now, was the black slime my toxins or my sweat? I have no idea, and I do not know how to tell. Today I did not feel any different. I think I will keep going for a rest in the box and see what happens at the end.

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