Shop Your Closet

Can you remember everything in your closet?  I know I can’t.  Take some time this weekend and shop your own closet.  Basically go through it and see what you can start wearing again or you can sell.  What can you mix and match? Also, let’s talk about the too small and too big clothing.

We all have the outfit that doesn’t fit anymore, but we just hope will one day.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Look at the too small clothes, and figure out why you really keep it.  Is it because you loves the way it felt on you?  Find another one outfit that does the same thing.  We can find clothing in all sizes to make us feel great!  It does not need to be a small size to make a woman feel wonderful.  Clothing that hits the right curve is what it is all about.

Don’t forget your shoes!  I know I have shoes I want to wear, but never seem to know what to wear them with.  Time to get ready for the spring!

What did you find in your closet?

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