Curling Iron

I try to do my hair. I am not the best at beauty routines. Honestly, I need some help! This Christmas I wanted a new curling iron. (I may not of had one for years) My hubby purchased this Anjou curling iron! (Discounted price here). I love it!

It is easy to use, and it came with a glove and clips! I have no clue how to use them, but I feel like a model with them out.

It has a digital read out of the temperature. I can increase or decrease temperature if I want.

I do a quick roll and go. I usually count to 6. In the end, I have hair that doesn’t look out of control. When I first started using it, everyone commented on my hair! I felt so good. Now, when I don’t do my hair, people notice (probably because I just put it up). I also know when hair goes up, I don’t feel the best.

I am excited to try and start more beauty routines into my life. I need to take care of myself and look good. What is one thing I should try and do?

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