Dressing room Selfie

As I am creating g this blog. And learning to love myself a little more each day. I went shopping at Ross (from my last post). In the dressing g room, I took selfies of my outfits. What a strange feeling. I almost expected security to come take me away. I mean who takes pictures in a dressing room? I guess I do now.

Ha ha! I had to get the sign in my picture. I loved the top though!

I love flowing overlay tops. Floral patterns are huge this season, and I love them. I call this type of shirt an overlay shirt. Some people call it mesh or flounce shirts. I have no clue what the real term it, but I like them. I like to not show off my flabby arms or my squishy belly. What do you think of the shirt?

Similar tops: Rainbow or Rosegal

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