Dress with Pockets

Spring is all about floral patterns! Many of my past posts have been about floral tops! I do not wear a lot of dresses, but I do have a few. I just ordered this floral maxi dress with pockets from an online co-op group. I also got my daughter a matching one. The dress has an empire waist line. Empire waists are great for those of us that want to God a little tummy action. The round neckline is flattering for any shape. Add a cute necklace to keep the eyes moving. Maxi dresses look great with sandals and wedges! I paired mine with a different floral pattern sandal.

Of course, I hate showing my flabby arms, so I threw on my Jane sweater. I love the snap buttons. I also love that this sweater comes in sizes xs to 3xl. Most of the time curvy women can’t have the same type of clothing as smaller women. I often wonder why. I mean, it is just more fabric. Yes, my shape is different. But, my shape is different from someone else that wears a 2xl also. What I like and feel good in, is not what some else may like. Just one of those things as a curvy woman I think about.

So, I took a picture without my sweater. Ah! I know I can’t wear a sweater always, but I will until the heat stroke comes.

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