Mud Mask

My hubby bought me dead sea mud mask. So excited to try it out. All I have to do is put a thin layer on and wait 15 minutes. Then put a wash cloth and let it loosen up the mask. After that, I wash it with warm water. Hopefully my skin will be radiating soon.

Here I am trying to let it dry.

I hate waiting. I was running around the house scaring children. What fun I have!

Letting it loosen back up!

I can’t lie, I could lay and relax for a few minutes. No one bothered me a my few minutes. It was a blissful spa like moment. Just a mommy spa day for 5 minutes.

My own bottle!

After was ardsley, my skin felt so clean! Better than just cleaned from shower. I have a feeling I may have to do this mask more often. How nasty was my face before?!?! What a horrific thought…

What have you tried and love?

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