I love to plant plants in my garden each year. There is nothing better than picking food and eating it fresh! Of course it is a lot of work! Today Home Depot had a sale on their Bonnie veggies and herbs for $1.98. I had to buy a few, even though I wasn’t all the way ready in my garden.

I have a Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet orange peppers, jalapenos, 2 basil, chocolate mint, hot salsa pepper, and rosemary. I have already planted a cherry tomatoe, oregano, chives, and a sweet green pepper plant.

I have never grown rosemary before, so I am trying it out. I planted it in the front of my house in a terra cotta pot. Rosemary doesn’t need a lot of water, and I am not sure how it will grow, so it is all alone.

I also have never grown chocolate mint. I know mint grows like crazy. This bad boy is also planted away from other plants.

As you can see, my garden is not ready yet, but I have planted my plants. I need a lot of mulch to help fight weeds and bugs. I cut up the plastic containers my pants came in to fight slugs.

I have a lot of work to do, but I am excited and ready for my fresh food. My food will not be organic. To be truly organic, I can’t treat for bugs or use any plant feed. I always have to treat for stink bugs every year… what a pain. I also use feed once they start to grow a little.

Is anyone else a gardener?

2 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Let me just say this….a dry rosemary is a dead rosemary. In their native climate, their roots can go very, very deep to gather moisture. That doesn’t happen in a pot. Learn from my mistakes! I keep them slightly moist (slightly is the important term) at all times. I had one for over 20 years, and then lost it in a greenhouse disaster. My current one is only 8 years old, but blooming and healthy.

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  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep that in mind.


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