Girls Day

As a mom of 2 girls, I get to do girl things with my daughters. One thing I love is a pedicure. I allow my daughters to get polish on their nails. So, yesterday we went. I haven’t had a pedicure since Thanksgiving (gasp!). Now, I do paint my nails, and lotion up my feet. I mean I can’t have nasty feet. Also, I am guilty of walking around barefoot. Just a dreaming of the beach…

They always have so much work to do on my feet. It can be embarrassing, especially when they get the tools out. As they are drilling my dead skin off my feet, I just enjoy the chair massage. Let’s me honest, the chair massage is a huge plus! It is my happy ending.


Then comes the polish. I love bright colors on my toes. I picked a bright hot pink this time. Bright good looking toes make me feel good. What colors do you like?

After walking around barefoot…

My husband is from the city, and can’t understand why I don’t throw on shoes. I am just happy running around without shoes as with.

So, my girls lived getting their nails done too. It was a good day for all. Both girls chose to do two colors. Oldest daughter is red and black. She wanted to look like a ladybug. My youngest is all sparkles with pink and purple. Two different girls with two different nails.

I love my girls day with my two favorite little girls.

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