In the South, we all have things monogrammed. Sneakers, hats, purses, earrings, raincoats, and so much more. I just recently ordered my initial silver bracelet from Jane. (I posted about this online store a while ago) their deals do not last long, and the shipping prices are great.

There is no wrong way to wear monogrammed jewelry. I like to wear it so that I can see the lettering. Other people like to wear it so that other people see the lettering. It really is a personal preference.

I mean, who doesn’t want to show off their love of themselves than with their names of their body. Okay, I know it is just an A, but I do feel like I am telling everyone personal information about myself. I love it all the same!

Even in the shade, it sparkles!

Here are some similar:

Small initial letter: QVC

All initials: etsy

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