Night Balm

Do you moisturize your lips at night? I didn’t either till just recently, and I will never go back! I picked up My Favorite Night Balm at Bath and Body Works. I just apply a small amount each night, and my lips don’t chap. I also love the softness of my lips.

I do not get paid to tell you about my beauty habits, but I wanted to share. I had no idea that there was a lip balm made for night time. I have been a chap stick user for so long, I just didn’t know the difference. I have even done the…. vaseline on the lips! Yes, I know time to join the 20th century.

Also, I have older women lips. Lip wrinkles! Did you know that was a thing? As soon as my lips get a little dry… I look like I have 80 year old lips!

So, if you are like me, and have no clue about beauty habits… check this night balm out. It is so easy to use, and doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day!

Order online:here

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