Running Around

I am always having to run around with kids. I need clothing I can throw on and go. This morning has been a tornado of a day, but we are moving through. My outfit was thrown together in 1 minute, and I was out the door.

My gaucho pants and purple shirt with my wedges. I threw my hair into a long ponytail, and ran out the door.

As we were waiting for a play date, my daughter took my picture. See what kind of day it was. Everything are repeats I have worn before, but in different ways.

My gaucho pants have an elastic waist. I love them! True gaucho pants are wide leg that are mid calf length. With gaucho pants, you should wear a top fitted top. That helps to balance out your body. I did not, and you can see how the outfit does look a little frumpy. I still felt good, and had a great day. Sometimes comfort does out play fashion! Also it is about how I feel, and I felt great!

Shop similar:

Top: Macys

Gauchos: Rainbow

Shoes: rackroom

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