Brow Tint

Have you heard of brow tinting? I was give a sample from Ulta. I had to try it. I do pluck my eye brows (sometimes). That is it for me. My husband paid for me to go to a brow place. Wow! I have been missing out. I just started wearing glasses the last 2 years, and I am not big on makeup. The brow tinting allowed me to bring better color to my face and not look over done.

But let me tell you, I like brow tinting. It was easy, and looked great. No one know what I did, but a few asked me if I tanned… ha ha. I am fair skinned with blemishes and red spots.

It felt so light and natural. At first I was worried to smear it or touch it. But it didn’t smear or rub away. It was really full proof!

Before makeup and brow tint
Unfiltered picture of me with the brow tint.

It looks so natural, and it only took 3 seconds.

Get your brow tint here.

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