My favorite pairs of crop pants are stretched! They are coming apart. So here is the thing. Is it me, and my fat legs; or is it the pants and the style of them. Either way, they are going in the trash. Of course, I got dressed in the dark, and wore them all day. This is where the insecure fat girl comes out. Did everyone think I was busting out of my pants all day? Did it look like I was wearing 3 sizes too small? I am so embarrassed!

No, that is not dog hair. It is small elastic fibers.
So embarrassed!

Part of me wants to think no one paid that much attention to my pants. The other part feels like people were laughing at the fat girl behind my back. In reality, people may have noticed and just moved on with their lives. I know if I had noticed this on anyone, I would have moved on with my life, and never thought about it again.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why am I more worried about it than anyone else? Why does my insecurities come out like this? Really? I need to stop.

I can never know what someone else is thinking, and I do not need to base my happiness on anyone else.

I am beautiful!

#iambeautiful #curvywoman

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