More traveling

So, once again we are off for the weekend. We were going to be going to a cookout outside as soon as we got there. So, 3 hours in a car, then a hot cookout. What to wear and still be comfortable? I picked my white shorts and my tie dyed overlay shirt. My shoes are of course my favorite flip flop wedges.

I just purchased my white bermuda shorts from Belk. I don’t usually wear white, but I like the clean color and the way it feels. So much goes with white too. Of course they were on sale. Less than $25 is always my goal.

Another picture from the hotel room.

My outfit worked for me. My picture was taken after we ate. I was hot and comfortable. My clothes had to not look wrinkled and funky.

Sometimes I feel like being a curvy woman, more people notice my clothing than an “average” woman. I have really been trying to look good and feel good. Once I have started trying to make sure my outfits were fashionable, I have been feeling better.

Similar look:

Shorts: belk

Shirt: blue and white

Shoes: jcpenny

Purse: Amazon

Past travel styles: Traveling Wear

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