Satin Taupe

So, I broke down and purchased an ipsy. I was very excited, but I didn’t hold my breath. My loot is here below:

Unpacking it all.

I was pleasantly surprised. I assumed it would all be sample sizes. So, the Beaute Basic eyeshadow in satin taupe was a good amount.

Great size and color!

I loved the color right away, and had to try it out. I even tried it out on my daughters. I have fair color skin, and satin taupe was perfect for me.

No other makeup, just satin taupe.

The feel of this eyeshadow is amazing! I just love the color! I love the softness and feel of it. I even had my daughters just feel the softness. So smooth!

My one downfall was their website. I was unable to find satin taupe alone. They only sold 2 colors alone. There are packages of more colors, but I was not sold on all the other colors. Which is a bummer. I will be checking back!

Here is the closest I could find: here

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