Bubble Mask

I like clay masks. I have blogged about my clay masks. Well, in my June Ipsy bag, I recieved a Soo AE charcoal clay bubble mask. So excited to try it.

Cute little packaging that is easy to open.

So, before anyone was up this morning, I showered and enjoyed my bubbling mask. I enjoy these few minutes to myself.

It really did bubble up!

There was no strong scent. It was just a charcoal mask at first. Then it started to bubble. I just massaged it around. The mask itself was easy to put on. Taking it off, I didn’t realize how soap it can be. Maybe I put on too much of the mask. But the rinse off was very soapy.

Overall, I liked the mask. I would buy it again. I checked out the website, and it was user friendly. The website even told me what stores carried their products.

Loving the bubbles!

Get yours for only $3 here!

Target has 5ct packages you can do store pick up.

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