What is the best thing to wear? Confidence! My mother bought me this striped tee. I love it. The shirt is a little larger, but I paired it with skinny black pants. I felt so good. It larger size hid my bloated stomach. I needed the extra cloth today. Wearing figure showing clothing is hott, but not always for me.

Confidence is not something I come by easily. I struggle hourly within myself as to is I did something right or wrong. I am always in my head as to what other people are thinking about me. I am learning to stop. I have no idea what someone else thinks, and it really doesn’t matter. I am the most important (except God). I have to live with myself for the rest of my life.

Today, I went into work with my head a little higher ready for the day! The cute lace detail added a little variety to the shirt. Confidence sexist thing 9n the plant!


Tee: Target or Avenue

Black pants: Rainbow or Ashley Stewart

Sandals:dsw or payless

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