I live near water, and I love the water. I do not love my body. I am working on loving myself on the inside and out. One thing I know is that I have to stop worrying so much. I am close to wearing pants on the beach. Then I ask myself. Why? Because of a standard in society? That is so stupid.

So, off to the pool I go today. And of course, here comes a mom in her cute 2 piece bikini with her perfect blonde hair. Then I notice, she is trying to hid her stomach, and looks like she might be sucking in her stomach. I almost screamed out, “Stop it, you are beautiful. ” Then I realized, she was so uncomfortable with herself as I was with me. So, I laid out, tried to get some sun on these legs and enjoyed my time with my daughters. Guess what, we had a great day! No one fat shamed me, and I left feeling better about myself. No cover up on the way home! All bathing suit in my glory!

Of course now, I need to buy a cuter bathing suit!

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