Girls Day

I am blessed to have my two beautiful healthy daughters. They are my heart. We had a fun at home mommy and girls spa day! We had so much fun being girly and watching Harry Potter. I mean what more can a mom ask for?

I worry about so much when it comes to my daughters. Am I even a good role model? What will they remeber about me when I am gone? Will they remember the nagging or the loving? Will the remember the yelling or the laughing? Will they be strong independent women or need the approval of others? I struggle daily with myself, and I don’t want them to struggle like I do.

We try to stick to a budget and not use any credit. We always are looking for fun inexpensive things to do at home. Making memories is so important!

I want them to feel the love and to be loved for who they are! What fun things have you done with your daughters?

Duck Face!

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