I know it is hot outside! Now is the time to start looking for deals for the fall. I love jackets! I have searched for some great deal under $25 for the fall.

1. Moto jacket! This pink faux suede jacket is the cutest! At this price, many will not be available. Check it out: Rue 21

2. Jean jacket! Jean jackets are a must for all seasons. As you know, I wear mine all the time. Yes, I may have a problem. Check this jacket out. Simblybe

3. Hoodie! Who doesn’t love a chill hoodie? I also love when I am not sure of the weather to grab a hoodie. Check this one out! Forever 21

4. Bomber jackets! I have a black bomber jacket, but I am looking for a popping one to make a statement. Check these out with their bright colors gs love

5. Blazer! Blazers are a great addition to all wardrobes. They can dress up an outfit, and checnge easily from day to night. I like the detail on these. I love the clean white color too! Ashley Stewart

My favorite jean jacket!

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