Sundays are for church and family in my house. I always feel better after church. I start back to teaching tomorrow. And I always get nervous. I love my job, but there are a lot of extra stressors. So, today I wanted to look good and feel good.

I just ordered a new floral top from Target. It was only $7. I loved it on the model, and I like it on me. I went with size 2x for the sleeves. I can’t stand a tight sleeve. The sleeve size was perfect. The size it a little loose, but I can still rock it. I may wear a tank under it, just in case I bend over. V-necks can sometimes show things I don’t want to show.

I paired it with black capris. I have more than 1 pairs of black capris. I wear them with so much things. I think they are my comfort zone. I need to get out of my comfort zone, and I have this year with fashion.

I used to think that because I was a plus size girl, I needed to hide away. I never wore tight clothing. Now, I am adding more colors and fabrics into my life. I am learning to love myself (inside and out) it has been a journey of self discovery. I am starting to figure out what looks and feels good on my body.

Top: Target

Similar crop capri: Torrid or Kohls

Purse: Sparrow Hill Lane

Similar wedges: kohls or Famous Foot

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