I did it! I wore a romper! They are for any body type now (not just super models). I never wore one before because of my stomach poking out. My fear of people running away in disbelief of my body stopped me before. No longer do I allow my fear of other people’s thoughts about my body rule my fashion choices! I am growing more confident each day. My body is not perfect. I am not perfect, but I am enough. I deserve to be happy and to live my life the way I want.

I love the romper look, and I want to rock it too! So at Walmart, I saw this cutie. I tried it on, and wasn’t repulsed. I actually felt good. So, to teach Sunday School, I rocked this look.

Without the sweater, it is sleeveless. I personally do not like sleeveless. Also, it has pockets! I don’t know why I love pockets, but I do! My inner 5 year old comes out. I also like the snap close on the top. I don’t have to wear a tank under it.

Get the romper here.

Similar cardigan.

Similar sandals.

Altogether this look would cost $55! The best part is being able to mix and match. Oh, and don’t forget taking fashion styles head on. I felt good in my romper.

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