I am ready for cooler weather and pumpkins! I have started decorating the house. In post about my pillows, and now I have my console table done. I like the fabrics of fall. Thicker feeling items are my jam!

My console table includes my fabric pumpkin, and my carnival glass bowl with gourds in them.

My fabric pumpkins all came from different places. The rope chevron was from Target. This year’s chevron pumpkin is too cute, and a great price. I love chevron and ropes. I purchased the white one this year from Bed Bath and Beyond. I really like the thick sweater feel to it. I was unable to find it online. The small orange pumpkin was a burlap pumpkin I purchased a few years ago. I really like this one from Hobby Lobby. Then my favorite pumpkin is the toilet paper pumpkin my youngest made for me 2 years ago. I mean, why wouldn’t it be my favorite? My daughter added a wooden apple to the mix, and I like the way it looks all together.

On the other side of the console table, I have my carnival glass with gourds in it. My bowl was given to me by my grandmother, and I love it. I never knew what exactly to go with it. One day I was googling ideas, and saw someone using it and put something in it. I saw the gourd filling, and knew I wanted to use it. These fillings from JoAnns is very cute too. The adding of the natural items look really good with the orange glass.

I also have a perfect sign for my wall to welcome people into my house. I live I. the south, and love the word ya’ll. It just makes me smile. This sign came from Hobby Lobby. It is on sale right now, and it is a great deal!

I buy for the seasons at the end of the seasons. This year I hope to buy a wreath for the front door. Of course, I will do it at the end of the season. As the season goes on, I will post more of my home decor.

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