Teal in Cold

It was cold for me this morning. A reason to wear my teal wool coat for The Limited. It was perfect for a morning in the 50s. Yes, I do not enjoy colder weather. I have been wanting to wear my coat, so I made sure I was dressed, and out the door warm today.

I love the color of the coat. I love the wool (even if wool can get itchy). I do wish it had a button for me to close the coat. Colder weather does not mean it has to be dark colors. You can make a light or bright color work for you in any weather. Make sure you dress for the weather. Running around in a mini and a tube top in freezing cold just makes you look silly.

I wore my pretend denim (but really polyester) pants, slouch brown boots, and an older sweater I had. You can wear any fun patterns under the coat. The peek of colors and patterns makes it fun.

Coat: The Limited

Pants: The Limited

Boots: similar or similar

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1 thought on “Teal in Cold

  1. I really like the sweater!


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