Classic Style

There are days you want an easy look to grab and go. This oversize cardigan, white tee, khaki pants, and flats are my classic go to look. When I am not feel 100% and all my effort goes into making it through the day, I know what I can grab.

Usually I would grab a long necklace and a chunky braclet to go along, but this day, I couldn’t put in the effort. My dog was needy on top of the girls being needy. We had a lot of things to do, so I kept going and knew I had my classic look going on. I could also switch out for jeans, but we had to stop by church. I try to not wear jeans to church, but other people do. It is a personal preference about what to wear to church.

When I am not 100%, the coziness of the oversize cardigan is the best! I can just wrap it around and feel the warmth.

I wore my cheetah flats because they are so in style. Cheetah is a hot trend. Green is also the color for spring this year. Actually neon green is going to be huge, but I am not sure how neon green is going to work with my skin tone.


Cardigan: Target the green is out of stock, but other colors are still available!

Khaki: older, shop similar: Kohl’s or jcpenny

Tee: belk

Shoes: similar shoe carnival

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