Blue day

This journey of positive body image for me has been up and down. One change I have observed is my colors change. I used to wear so much black (which I still love). I have been adding more blue. Blue is the new black? At least for me it is. I found this top on sale, and had to grap it. It is so nice and light. I can warm up with a tank under it. The pants are skinny pants that are cropped. They are also a navy color. See no black! I paired it with my taupe ankle boots. I also wore fun shell earrings that are older.

Sometimes I think of how negative I could be about myself. I wonder why? Is it society? Or just my own negative thoughts? Changing my thinking is not easy, and it a journey. Healthy is not what I would describe as myself. I am getting there, but I need to stay positive.

My dog wanted to join in the fun today! Outfit takes me everywhere!

Just recently bought this top! I love the jewel neckline. It isn’t 2 tops in one, it is one top!
A smile is worth so much!


Top: belk

Pants: The Limited

Boots: similar or similar

Earring: similar of similar

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