Summer warmth

Sometimes during the summer, you need warmer clothing on. There is nothing worst than being freezing inside. We had a large function at church, and my church is always cold. I needed to look nice, and always feel good about myself too.

I had just purchased this top from Jane. I love Jane because it is forever changing. Unfortunately, my shirt is already sold out. (I do post on my Facebook page deals and steal I find that I love(curvy_centisble_fashion)). I have many insecurities, and my arms are one of them. I love the bell sleeve style. It makes me feel great, and it doesn’t squeeze my arms. What a good feeling!!

I also wore jewelry, which I need to do more of. Earrings really make me look better, or at least I think so. I like to wear dangling earrings. I feel as though it helps to keep me symmetrical. My earring holes are not completely even in my opinion. Once again, another one of my insecurities. I also wore a bracelet. They both I have had for awhile. I like cuff bracelets, that way I don’t lose them. My necklace was from a craft fair in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I love to wear something that reminds me of a trip of time with my family.

My pants are older. They are skinny ankle pants. Being tall, ankle pants actually hit me above the ankle. But I like the style anyways. I am always on my wedges, maybe too much. But when you like something, it shows in all of you.

Sometimes I get a little goofy when I am feeling good! You can see my excitement!

I one thing I know, is that when you feel good, you look good. Confidence is sexy!

Shop similar:

Shirt: Jane or Target

Pants: Belk or Old Navy

Earrings: Etsy or Macys

Bracelet: Borsetta or Ashley Stewart

Wedges: Macy’s or Shoe Carnival

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.

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