Bleach Tie Dye

Tie dye is coming back!! So many things are tie dyed! I saw this shirt on Jane. I love shopping on Jane because it changes. Unfortunately not all sizes are curvy sized, but you can find some cute things. I got this bleached tie dyed there. I was so excited to wear it. I have worn it 3 times before I took these pictures. I wanted to make sure it would hold up.

For a fun day at camp with my kiddos, I paired the top with khaki capris (so older, probably should buy a new pair). Then I wore some flip flop sandals fromWhite Mountain. Of course they are sold out, since I bought them on sale (do you follow my FB page to see all the great deals I find (curvy_centisble_fashion)). I needed to make sure I was comfortable and ready to have fun for 3 hours with kids.

Sometimes I look at myself and only see the negative points. Then I have to start retraining my how outlook. Yes, I have thick thick thighs, but I do look happy. I know I was happy at this moment. We had just came back from art camp, and my daughter and I had a blast. My daughter was taking the picture.

I don’t want my kiddos to look back and think mom was always unhappy with herself. What was wrong with her? Right now, they don’t see my cellulite, they see mom. I try and focus on being mom. What better thing can I focus on?

Shop similar:

Top: Boscov or JcPenny

Capri: Catherine’s or Kohl’s

Shoes: Naturalizer or Forever 21

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.

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