Saturday Stripes

The weekends can be crazy with 2 kids. Sme days I have to dress for myself. We had 2 birthday parties in one day! It is still hot down here in the South. I bought these shorts from NY & CO, but then have been second guessing them. I mean the high waisted cut and the tie is not my comfort zone. I went for it today. I felt okay overall honesty in my outfit. Then, I was around other moms.

Sometimes other people’s insecurities can bring me down. One mom kept talking about how fat she was, and how the flab was disgusting. I honestly wanted to know what the hell she was taliking about. She was also saying these thing in front of the kids. I had no iI dra how to respond. I didn’t know her well enough. I also don’t want to down ssize anyone’s insecurities. I have no idea what is going through her head.

Other women’s insecurities started to creep into mine. One mama, who could be a model, stated that she only wears jeas and a tee to hide her fat. (I don’t think there is fat on her if we tried to find it) In my own head I started to worry about what I was wearing. This outfit was a first for me. I knew you coul see my chunky knees and my belly sticking out. I knew my flabby arms were blowing in the wind.

Then I realized I was here for my kids. I wtalked away from the parents and played with my own kids. I was not in shoes to run around, but I took 5 minutes for my kids. My children will not think about about my outfit, they will think back to the time we shared togother. I want to try new styles to help find this new me. In situations, I will still become uncomfortable. I am working on how I can be the best me and not hide anymore.

Shop similar:

Top: Macy’s or Cato

Shorts: NY&CO or torrid

Shoes: Kohl’s or Amazon

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.

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