Sweet Magnolia Maddie Fashion Tops

I am addicted to the fashion on Sweet Magnolia a Netflix show. I have been loving my new fashion inspiration. The style is true southern beauty. They have all different sized women and they all look beautiful. As a curvy woman, I want to enjoy the same styles. This post it about Maddie tops.

The Website, worn on tv, helps to find the exact match, but not fit all women. I love seeing where the clothing cam from and the prices! I couldn’t believe the cost of some of the tops alone!

Here is the first one I love:

I love this coral color and sneaky details. It would look great with Jean’s or for work.

Here are some similar curvy styles I have found:

The Loft


Style Co.


I am in love with this top too!

The small details are too cute with the neck.

The cute neck with the small details is just too cute. It really gives a sweetness vibe to it. Match it up with cute white pants.

Here are my similar curvy girl tops:

The Loft

J Crew


One of the other favorite looks is the striped shirt with the rolled up sleeves.

So put together without effort.

I love this effortless top. It will be a staple for many seasons. It is light weight and can go with Jean’s to dress pants. The top can be tucked in, tied, or styled many other ways.

Here are my similar curvy styles:




Which one is your favorite?

The images of Maddie are from Worn On Tv website. Check them out for the exact styles.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.

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