Mask up

Where I live, we have been required to wear masks for awhile. My family and I choose to stay mostly at home. I worry about safety for my family because my mother is so ill.

So, today I wanted to show off my mask too. Masks are not the best part of the outfit, but they can be fun. This mask is just pink. It is just basic, but it is still fun.

It is hot, and I wanted to go to the store. So, why not wear a skirt? I have 1 jean skirt, and really it is a skort. I hate chub rub. So, I prefer shorts or pants. This skort is great for me. I feel like every woman needs a good jean skirt no matter your age. I have had this skirt for years, and I posted about it back in 2018!

I love flowy tops. Overlays and poncho styles are my normal type of top. I have had this top for years, and I have posted about it before in 2018. It is great to hide my muffin tops.

Of course my insecurities come into my head. I see my cellulite and how out of shape I am. It make me want to go for a run… but whom am I really kidding? I don’t run. I might jog, but not run. They I get in my own head about my diet and lack of exercise. It is hard some days to get out of my own head. Let me go eat a carrot.

Shop similar:

Skirt: Torrid or Jcpenny

Top: Dillard or Shein

Flip flops: Vionic

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.

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