The Cheetah in Me

So, I love animal prints. I wear a lot of animal prints in the fall. But I found this tee at Target. For $9, I could not pass it up.

I stay mostly inside, but I take a few trips to the store. I found a cheetah mask with a headband. I don’t usually wear headbands, but how could I pass this one up? It doesn’t match my top perfect, but I like it. I threw on my linen shorts from Old Navy. I got them when they had their $15 sale. (I post on my Facebook page about sales) So far my outfit cost $24. Not bad to stay on budget.

Honestly, after shopping with my girls for about an hour, I had a headache. Maybe my kids, maybe the headband? Not sure, but I don’t usually wear head bands.

From my close up selfie… I see so many things wrong with me. I also see a mom that has been quarantined since March 13th. I see a mom that washed her hair, but needs some root touch ups. I see a 40 year old woman who has wrinkles, but had hours of fun outside with her kids. I am not perfect, but those are the things that make me, me.

Confidence does not come easy for me. I am the type of person that rethink about conversations 3 days later. I never want to offend or upset someone. I want everyone happy all the time. Inside I can be in huge turmoil. Cheetah print makes me think confident. So, I am working on the cheetah in me.

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